Sunday 7 July 2019

I'll take a Mocha...Emerald, Please!

Last week I was carrying out some insect surveys on a property in the Stoney Creek area and saw a large dragonfly foraging on the edge of woodland.  It was almost the size of a darner, but a bit more slender overall.  As it perched on a shrub I got a good look through the binoculars and knew it was a large Somatochlora (genus) emerald of some sort.  I crept up slowly and snagged it with my net and took a bunch of photos to ID later.  Back at the car I went through the guide book and quickly figured out it was a female Mocha Emerald!  A very rare species in Ontario, with a sub-national (S-rank) of S2 'Imperiled'.  Looking on inaturalist I only see 10 records in Ontario and none in the Hamilton Region.  In Ontario, this species is mostly restricted to Chatham-Kent and Lambton County areas.  What a thrill to find such a rare species and a new one for me!

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