Friday 25 September 2020

Fall Birding in Full Swing!

 I had the pleasure of doing some work down in Lennox & Addington County this week again and spent some time over on Amherst Island!  Wednesday was a very good day, and I tallied 88 species by around 130pm - not too shabby for the fall!  Highlights were lots of shorebirds including White-rumped Sandpiper, Black-bellied Plover, American Golden Plover as well as good numbers of warblers and a late Yellow-billed Cuckoo.

I had fun playing around with my camera again.  I shot 'in the RAW' for the first time and had fun editing my shots.  A Black-throated Blue Warbler was particularly obliging, although it was fairly dark where I was shooting so there was a lot of post-processing necessary to adjust the exposure, which means a bit grainier photos.  Below are a few of my favourite shots.

Philadelphia Vireo

Scarlet Tanager (minus the scarlet)

Stretching Northern Parula

Northern Harrier and fall colours

Sunday 20 September 2020

Lake Watch Season! AKA - Horrible Views of Great Birds

 I zipped down to Hamilton yesterday for some bird watching and had some great sightings! The long staying Brown Booby continues at Van Wagner's Beach, sitting on its usual perch on the wave tower.  Unfortunately it was so far away that even through the scope it was mostly a brown lump with a pale bill.  This is only the 2nd Brown Booby I have seen in Ontario, the first was in Fort Erie a few years ago.

Brown Booby, left most bird on upper railing, with cormorants

The next bird up was a Sabine's Gull that flew in off the lake and climbed way over our heads before disappearing inland.  Even at this height, the distinctive wing pattern was visible.

Sabine's Gull

A juvenile Lesser Black-backed Gull made an appearance at the beach.

The Burrell's showed up for the end of their Birdathon and quickly picked out a distant Parasitic Jaeger and soon after a trio of Red-necked Phalarope.  Unfortunately they were very far away!

Red-necked Phalarope specks

Ring-billed Gull

Next week I am back over to Amherst Island for some birding.  Last week it was mostly south winds, so hopefully this week migration conditions will be better!

South winds and waves pound Amherst Island

I hope I can get more shots like this!  This Osprey flew right past me and Cait on a bridge in Elora yesterday!