Thursday 22 February 2018

36 Speckle Bellies

The past couple of days I have been down in the wonderful Niagara area for work with my colleague Dan Riley.  We went to look for the Greater White-fronted Geese (also called speckle bellies for obvious reasons) that had been reported near Welland and were surprised to find 36 hidden among the corn and a larger flock of Canada Geese.  A nice treat, as I only get to see a few in any given year, and never in such great abundance!

Greater White-fronted Geese

Thursday 8 February 2018

February Nature Sightings

I have been out and about recently at various spots, mostly in the KW area as well as Hamilton/Niagara for field work.  Below are a few photos, the highlight was certainly a Short-eared Owl that I came across the other day down in Niagara.

Short-eared Owl

I watched it forage for a few minutes.  I enjoy seeing Short-eared Owls in flight, they remind me of a giant butterfly, their wing beats are so animated!

The Harlequin Duck has remained near the Burlington Ship Canal over the past few weeks.  I still have not caught up with that Tufted Duck is becoming something of a nemesis bird.


Northern Shoveler