Sunday 7 July 2019

Beautiful Places I have Seen - June

My lack of posting lately has been a reflection of my busyness rather than a lack of things to write about.  My work in June was carried out at a frenetic pace that left little time to do other things.  Now that things are slowing down (a bit) I have some time to post a few pictures of some of the wonderful places my work has taken me in he past month!  In another post I will detail some of the highlights of the wildlife, but for now just enjoy the scenery!

These two photos are from a lovely ravine in the Hamilton area!

Thames River near Ingersoll.

Maitland River rapids

Morris Tract on the Maitland River

Caitlyn and I just got a pair of kayaks and have been having a blast going out to Belwood Lake the past few weekends.  I have also used mine for some dragonfly surveys at work on the Nith and Grand Rivers!

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