Saturday 16 June 2018

Eastern Ontario Dragonflies and More!

This past week I was down in the Kingston-Napanee area for work (if you can call it that!). I spent most of the week canoeing and wading down the Napanee and Salmon Rivers looking for rare dragonflies! These rivers are both beautiful, as you can see in these photos.

On Monday, my Dad and I surveyed an 8km stretch of the Napanee River from Yarker to Camden East.

Lancet Clubtail

Cyrano Darner
The Salmon River was my favourite of the two.  The stretch between Forest Mills and Kingsford is beautiful and secluded.

Horned Clubtail

Eastern Least Clubtail

Springtime Darner

Northern Watersnake swallowing a fish
Check out this video to get a sense of how amazing this area is!

On the way home I stopped on the Nith River to look for Rapids Clubtail, an Endangered species in Ontario.  I was lucky enough to find 15 males at a species that has had them in the past.

Rapids Clubtail

Rapids Clubtail

Rapids Clubtail habitat
Next Wednesday I head up to Thunder Bay with Ken to do more awesome dragonfly work!


  1. Some terrific stuff, Nate, but it really is too bad all of this 'work' keeps you away from what you really love to do......:-).

  2. Hahaha very unfortunate Allen, I just deal with it as best I can!

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