Thursday 13 April 2017

More Nature Shots with the P900

I was down by Lake Erie for work again today and tested out the Nikon P900 some more.  I am really impressed with it! The range at which I am able to get decent shots with this camera is staggering! Shots that I wouldn't have even tried for before are easily attainable with this beast!

The shot below of the deer was taken at full telephoto (83X optical zoom) and handheld and came out pretty darn sharp!

Eastern Bluebird
 I took this shot of this eagle nest, staying inside my car at max telephoto.  The adult on the nest was feeding the new born nestlings some sort of meat.

Northern Flicker

Eastern Phoebe
 I was impressed also with how well the camera autofocus is able to thread the needle through branches to focus on the target as seen in this shot of a Cooper's Hawk and the Field Sparrow below.

Much more to come! Migration is in full swing!

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