Friday 13 May 2016

Short-tailed Weasel and Local Odds and Ends

This past week I went out bird watching before work for an hour or so.  The highlight on this particular day was of the non-feathered variety, and quite a surprise to me and my friends!  This Short-tailed Weasel (also called Ermine) ran across the trail in front of us.  I have had good success in drawing them back by making squeaking noises on my hand (which imitates a dying mouse or rabbit), and this one was no exception.  He was so hyperactive, that I had trouble getting a shot, and was a little surprised that I actually got one!

Short-tailed Weasel
  I also had my first of the year Clay-colored Sparrow in Guelph!
Clay-colored Sparrow
 Another surprise was this Eastern Ribbonsnake.  Although it may look like a Garter Snake at first blush, if you look closely you can see the white colouration under the chin, neat lines and chocolate brown on the underside.  This species is designated as "Special Concern" in Ontario by the Endangered Species Act, although I see based on the Ontario Herpetofaunal Atlas that it has been observed in this spot before.

Eastern Ribbonsnake


  1. Congrats on being ready for the ST Weasel.....very nice!

  2. Thanks Allen! I was just clicking the shutter and hoping for the best!