Monday 18 May 2015

White-faced Ibis and American White Pelican!

This weekend, I went down to visit the in-laws in Stevensville for a bit this weekend, and on Saturday I spent the better part of the day birding the shoreline from Waverly Beach in Fort Erie all the way to Port Royal to see the White-faced Ibises that have been there for a few days.

Along the way I stopped at all sorts of spots including the Mosaic Ponds near Dunnville.  As I pulled up, I could see a huge white bird standing on the berm, and when I got a look at it, saw that it was an American White Pelican!  This huge bird dwarfs the gulls, terns and cormorants surrounding it.  What a nice surprise to see one!  This species does nest in Ontario, but primarily in the extreme Northwestern part of the province near Lake-of-the-Woods, close to Manitoba!

American White Pelican

After this, I debated driving the extra hour or so to try to find the reported White-faced Ibises that had been staying at a small wetland near Port Royal.  I eventually decided to go for it and was happy I did! I got great looks at these birds.

White-faced Ibis

What a great day along the Lake Erie Shoreline!  Below are a couple of other photos I took along the way.

Scarlet Tanager at Waverly Beach
One of a pair of Red-headed Woodpeckers at Waverly Beach

Morgan's Point Conservation Area


  1. Well worth the extra drive! An ibis is a cool bird to see at any time.

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