Saturday 23 May 2015

Lark Bunting - Flamborough

I was down in the south of Guelph by chance this morning with my lovely wife and got word of a Lark Bunting in Flamborough, only about 25 minutes away!  Caitlyn graciously agreed to go on another chase for this bird.  You may recall last summer we successfully saw the bird that was found on Amherst Island, with my dad.

We arrived to see a few people pacing the side of Valens Road and were told that it had just been scared off by the landowner about 10 minutes before I arrived!  Wonderful.  But we looked for it anyways and after about 45 minutes, someone spotted the bird on a log right behind us!  The bird then flew right over our heads and landed on the road before flying up to a nearby shrub and giving amazing looks!  I was really excited!  I may have missed the Mississippi Kite yesterday, but this sure was a great consolation prize!

Lark Bunting

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