Thursday 1 January 2015

2014 Year in Review Part 2: Travel/Adventure

Now that we have seen some of the birding and nature highlights, here are a few of the interesting and adventurous places I visited this past year.  I am excited and hopeful for what 2015 may provide!

In chronological order:

Florida Everglades and Florida Keys- March
This was one of my favourite trips I have ever been on, the everglades were unreal, one of North America's must see nature destinations.  The keys were also amazing, with stunning vistas at every turn.

Pelee Island, Ontario- May
Pelee Island is one of those magical spots in Ontario.  It receives a fraction of the traffic of Point Pelee but still has some of the best birding around!  The sheer diversity of habitats is definitely part of the appeal, with rich carolinian forest, wetlands, alvar and shoreline habitat all in the same area.

Beausoleil Island, Ontario- May
This was my first trip to the sunny island and my first hardcore dedicated trip to look for some of Ontario's rarest reptiles and amphibians.  The island didn't disappoint! And we had huge numbers of beautiful snakes such as the Massasauga Rattlesnake and Hognosed Snake.

Beartooth Wilderness, Montana- August
My backpacking trips are always one of the highlights of my year, and I love looking over the photos from the previous trips and reminiscing.  The photo below makes me feel lonely and free, and I like it.

Frontenac Park, Ontario- September
Although only a day trip, the time was spent with my dad and brother and was a perfect way to spend a sunny fall day.

Best wishes to everyone in 2015, get out there and explore!

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