Wednesday 18 January 2023

The Bleak Mid-Winter

 We are currently in the bleak mid-winter, and although there is very little snow on the ground currently, that wasn't the case just a few weeks ago when the now infamous blizzard of '22 struck.

Grand River in mid-January

Our family was down with the in-laws in Stevensville for Christmas and the ferocious blizzard left us without power for nearly 3 days.  When all the flakes had settled, there was more snow than I have ever seen!

My plan to get out and bird the Niagara River was mostly ruined, but I was able to snap this photo of a pair of Bald Eagles that survived the blizzard just fine!  I am really enjoying the new 150-600mm fuji lens.  It is tack sharp even at maximum length and widest aperture.


  1. That snow is quite incredible! Glad we did not get that much here.