Thursday 16 July 2020

First Post with New Camera!

I have decided to resurrect an old hobby that I haven't really practiced for nearly 10! Although I post a lot of pictures on my blog, they are more often strictly for the purposes of documenting the experiences and things I see while I am out and about with little thought to photographic quality/techniques.  I have been using high end point and shoots for the past few years in place of my old Canon DSLR.  I decided to upgrade and purchased a mirrorless Fujifilm X-T30 along with their flagship telephoto Fujinon XF100-400mm F4.5-5.6.  Here is a photo of it below!  Its not quite as huge as the perspective and lens hood make it appear!

I have already been out having fun figuring it out again.  Below are a few of my decent shots so far.

Gray Catbird
 I like the shot of the pewee below, the lighting is really interesting to me.
Eastern Wood-Pewee

Cedar Waxwing
 This gull is a bit washed out, I am still working on refining my settings.
Ring-billed Gull
 The below image was a neat scene.  If you look closely you can see 5 species in and around this tree! Northern Cardinal, Chipping Sparrow, Cedar Waxwing, Yellow Warbler, and Baltimore Oriole!

Stay tuned! I plan on having lots more (better) shots in the future as I shake off the dust from a hobby long forgotten!

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