Saturday 18 April 2020

The Glory of Spring

Despite the ongoing pandemic, spring continues its slow march (or crawl) forward.  It has been a slow start to the spring in southern Ontario, but there is still lots to see! I have been out enjoying nature within 5 miles of my house for the ongoing "5 Mile Radius Challenge" to see as many birds as you can in this area in a calendar year.  This has turned out to be a great distraction from the current situation, and I have enjoyed finding new and exciting spots to bird watch near my house.  I am currently up to 73 species for my 5MR this year!

This morning I was out at my favourite new spot that has a nice mix of forest, thicket, and wetland.  I was rewarded with 45 species this morning including a bunch of new ones for the year!  Here are a few shots from my outing:

Hermit Thrush

Our backyard Northern Shrike has returned a couple of times this winter.  The photo below was taken through my kitchen window.

Northern Shrike
 The Fox Sparrow was a welcome surprise while out walking last week, but it didn't want to pose for the camera!
Fox Sparrow
 Wood Frogs and Chorus Frogs have been calling while I have been out and about.  I spotted these Wood Frog egg masses in a small ditch of water.

I have enjoyed the vacant trails the past few weeks.  Social distancing has been quite easy these days while out and about.  I look forward to getting out more in the coming weeks to enjoy the glory of spring.

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