Monday 10 October 2016

It's Thanksgiving! Fort Erie and Area

This Thanksgiving long weekend was spent down in the Stevensville and Fort Erie area.  On Saturday we got permission to check out Marcy's Woods on Point Abino.  It was the first time I have been there and I was impressed with the scenery!  Below are some scenic shots from our walk.

The sand dunes were definitely a highlight of this area.  We saw a few Monarchs sheltering in he dunes, this one happened to fly by as I was taking the shot!


Birds weren't making much of an appearance here, so I photographed a few mushrooms, to be ID'd at a later date...unless you know what they are?

I also spent Sunday and Monday morning birding a little bit around the Fort Erie shoreline and Niagara River.  I walked through the beach grass and stirred up whatever I could.  I didn't see anything rare but managed to find lots of sparrows, the odd warbler, pipits, Wilson's Snipe, Marsh Wren, a late House Wren and lots more!

Mather Park Sunrise

A sample of the beach grass I walked through
Song Sparrow (left) and White-crowned Sparrow (right)
Chipping Sparrow
Gray Catbird
Greater Yellowlegs among Ring-billed Gulls
I found the long staying Red-throated Loon at the Catherine Street parkette.  It was neat to see it still has some of the red on it's throat!

Coming back from my bird watching trip, this little bird greeted me at the door.

It was a great Thanksgiving weekend spent with great people, food and of course...birds.


  1. Nate: I have heard some great things about Marcy's Woods but have never had the occasion to see it.....thanks for sharing.

    As for the fungi: the first one is likely Orange Mycena (Mycena leaiana). The middle one appears to be Late Fall Polypore (Ischnoderma resinosum). The lowest one is likely another Mycena species, but there are several look alikes.

  2. Thanks Allen, yea we enjoyed Marcy's Woods, I want to go back in the spring to see what I can find!

    Thanks for the fungi IDs too!