Friday 11 September 2015

Eastern Ontario Highlights

This week I was away for work in Eastern Ontario with Pat, and we had a great time bushwacking and exploring this unique part of the province.  I've posted a few pictures for your enjoyment!

A large Beaver dam

Our reward for traipsing through the bush and up the hills, a nice view from the top!

We also saw lots of butterflies!

Bronze Copper
Leonard's Skipper
And finally, the wildlife highlight of the trip, a Five-lined Skink!! We flipped a rock and there she was!  Extremely fast and hard to catch, but her bright blue tail didn't do her any favours in hiding!

Five-lined Skink!

 This is the habitat that this species can be found in, rock barrens with lots of rocks to hide under.

Another great trip in Eastern Ontario, I can't wait to be back!

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