Sunday 27 July 2014

Milksnake Roundup

Milksnake is a 'Species of Special Concern' in Ontario, and I recently had the pleasure of capturing and relocating several of this species at a site in southern Ontario.  To carry out snake surveys, we often utilize 'cover boards', which are essentially square pieces of plywood approximately 4ft x 4ft.  Snakes use these boards to hide under until they have warmed up sufficiently to move out in search of prey later in the day.  Hence, a good way to figure out what is in the area is to place these boards in suitable locations and come back periodically to check what's basking underneath.  On this occasion we were lucky enough to find two good sized milksnakes.  This species is pretty docile, and neither of these individuals tried to bite us when we handled them and moved them to a safer location away from construction activity.

Gotta love that beautiful pattern!

That Y-shaped marking on the head is diagnostic of this species.

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