Saturday 15 February 2014

Random Cool Shots!

Well the birding and nature outings have been pretty slow lately, so I decided to post some of the more interesting shots that I have taken over the years.  Here is a small sampling of some that I really like.

Porcupine reaching for a twig Frontenac Park

Fascinating parasitoid wasps Megahyssa genus in Algonquin Park. The huge curved thing sticking into the log is both a stinger and an egg laying device.  They can sense the presence of beetle larvae which they paralyze with the stinger and lay eggs in the larvae which will eventually hatch and consume the hapless prey from the inside out.

Ribbon Snake. Frontenac Park

Zebra Clubtail Algonquin Park. Aptly named.

Bombus vagans Algonquin Park

Black-backed Woodpecker Algonquin Park

Silvery Blue. Kingston

Bull Moose. Algonquin Park

Bull Moose. Algonquin Park.  Perhaps the best shot I have ever taken.

Red Fox. Presquile Provincial Park. Check out the vole in his mouth!


  1. Nice shots, especially that moose which seems to have it's eye on you!

  2. Thanks! It sure did! We had to paddle right past him.

  3. You're an amazing photographer, honey! These shots should be in National Geographic. My favourite is the porcupine! :-) Great shot! (P.s. This is Caitlyn, not Nathan!)