Saturday, 4 July 2015

Baltimore Checkerspots!

This week, a friend and I stopped by a spot near Cambridge known to have Baltimore Checkerspot butterflies.  We didn't have to look very long as several were flitting along the stream banks as we arrived!  This species feeds on Turtlehead plant as a caterpillar.  Baltimore Checkerspots are some of our most distinctly patterned butterflies, and I was happy to have brought my camera!

Baltmore Checkerspot

I also saw this small skipper butterfly, called a Little Glassywing!

Below is a photo of the habitat where we found these butterflies, quite a scenic little place.


  1. I have not seen one of those checkerspot beauties yet this year. Maybe tomorrow?

  2. Thanks Brandon! Good luck Blake! They are pretty awesome, these ones were at the Cambridge Rare property.