Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A Weekend in Algonquin Provincial Park

I spent the last weekend with my wife Caitlyn in Algonquin Park to celebrate our anniversary, and it was a fantastic little visit!  I have shared some photos of our trip below.  It being Caitlyn's first real canoe trip, it was only three days, and we didn't go too far in (just to Little Doe).  Nonetheless, Algonquin Park delivered another stellar performance.

A familiar scene, launching the boat at Canoe Lake
Little Doe Campsite
We were really happy with our campsite selection, particularly after we passed on the site on the point across the lake.  Our first night we were awoken to the sound of shouting and clanging pots, as our neighbors on the point tried to scare off a large Black Bear that was trying to get into their food packs.  This bear had clearly had success in the past getting into campers food.  We talked with the guys the morning after and apparently it had been able to reach their food bag hung 7.5ft off the ground, a reminder to hang your food high in Algonquin!  Needless to say, no one slept well on Little Doe that night!

Our tarp shelter that came in handy during the thunderstorms on Saturday
I was happy to find Caitlyn her first Moose ever, on Blue Jay Lake.  It was a perfect scene, we had the Moose and lake all to ourselves right before the sun was starting to set.  This big bull allowed us to get quite close.  We left after getting great views and the Moose continued to feed on the lily pads and aquatic plants.

We also enjoyed the family of Common Loons out on the lake in front of our campsite.  The two babies followed the parents around squeaking for food most of the day, almost as needy as my parrot!

A friendly Snapping Turtle stopped by our campsite and we got great views from close range for quite a while! He was so close we could hear him snorting as he expelled air out his nostrils!

A wonderful trip to Algonquin, I can't wait to return in a few weeks with my brother and dad!  This time we will be heading far into the park interior.


  1. Nice shots, we just booked a hike of the Highland Trail for September, we'll hang the food high!

  2. Thanks Pat! Ohhh the Highland Backpacking Trail, that will be real nice in September!

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