Thursday, 28 August 2014

Sewage Lagoons!

Well it's that glorious time of year again! Time for birders everywhere to flock to their local sewage lagoons to look for shorebirds.  At this time of year, many shorebirds can be found at these fecal ridden cesspools where they fuel up for the long migration south to Central and South America where they will spend the long winter wandering beautiful beaches. The past few days I have checked sewage lagoons in Port Stanley, Aylmer and today I stopped in at the Strathroy Sewage Lagoons prior to starting my work for the day.  I was hoping to see the red-necked phalarope that was reported here but unfortunately didn't find it.  I did however find several other shorebird species.  Here is the full ebird checklist:

I unfortunately was not close enough to get any good shots of the shorebirds but here are a few other pictures I took.

Swallows adorned the wires at the lagoons

Most were young tree swallows, but there was also a few bank swallows in there

Solitary Sandpiper, not the best shot, but he was far off.
That's it for today.  If the weather holds out I may be up to Algonquin for the weekend and should have some good shots for you to look forward to.

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