Monday, 4 August 2014

Luther Marsh Photos

I recently got a new point and shoot camera since my last one was having lens issues.  I also have an old DSLR camera, but find it is too bulky to carry around and so I end up just not taking it out much.  Hence, I have resorted to buying pocket zoom cameras that have some pretty impressive telephoto lenses packed into a small package.  My last camera was a Panasonic Lumix DMCZS27 and I recently replaced it with a Sony Cybershot HX50v.  This little baby has a massive 30x lens, equivalent to a 750mm telephoto zoom.  Overall, a pretty versatile little camera, and great for getting shots like these for the blog!  I was out at Luther Marsh the other day and took some of these shots.

Male Widow Skimmer
Sweetflag Spreadwing (Identified based on examination of the claspers)
One of my personal favourite insects, the Monarch!
Monarch in flight!
American Lady
Indigo Bunting

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