Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Columbia Lake- Today

This morning for approximately 45 minutes I felt like I was back at Fish Point on Pelee Island.  Before work I birded Columbia Lake in Waterloo and had an excellent diversity of songbirds.  I came across a great mixed flock of 15 warbler species including golden-winged, canada, northern parula, bay-breasted, Tennessee, blackburnian among others!  Overall a great start to the morning, and a reminder to myself that you don't need to be down at the best birding spots to see some good birds (although that helps, see Brandon's blog here:  Unfortunately no pictures this time, the warblers were flitting around too much.

Here is the ebird checklist:

The golden-winged warbler was my 200th species of the year!  I'm shooting for 250 though, so I had better pick up the pace, since each bird gets progressively harder to find as you knock off all the easy ones.

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