Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Bruce Peninsula Bird Big Day 2014

Each May, some of my colleagues at work go up to the Bruce Peninsula to bird for the entire day, starting at 5am and ending at around 10pm, with the goal of seeing as many different bird species as possible within a given day.  We started our day at Macgregor Point Provincial Park and worked our way northward along the Bruce Peninsula to Dyer's Bay Road.

Last year on the trip, I saw 131 species (i think the group total was around 135).  This year proved to be even better, with the group tallying 141 species!  Of these, I personally observed 139!  This included 22 species of warblers.  The highlights included great views of golden-winged warblers, sedge wrens, American bittern and Brewer's blackbirds!

Here is our complete ebird checklist, don't let your finger get tired scrolling to the bottom of the list!:

Here are a few shots from our "big day".

The pond at Macgregor Point.  We had sora, common gallinule, and other water birds here!

A nice Golden-winged Warbler.  This guy faked us out for about 15mins when we were trying to find him by calling with a perfect blue-winged warbler song, a species that hybridizes with this golden-winged warblers.

One of three American bittern seen at Dyer's Bay road!
One of two Endangered Piping Plovers seen at Sauble Beach!!

Stay tuned, I have a great post to get ready about my trip to Beausoleil Island!

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