Friday, 31 January 2014

Blast From the Past: Algonquin 2013

Well it has been too long since my last blog post and I I have yet to get some new material to post, although if the weather permits I hope to do some birding down in the Niagara area this weekend.

Nonetheless, here are a few photos from a trip at the end of September to Algonquin that my dad, my brother and I made.  We traveled to our favourite spot in Algonquin, Sunbeam Lake (although this trip was anything but sunny).  Our favourite route goes up from Canoe Lake through Little Doe and into Vanishing Pond, which had pretty much vanished by the time we arrived.  We eventually made it out of Vanishing Pond and into Sunbeam Lake after a couple of hours dragging the canoe through the muck.

Paul got out of the canoe to lighten the load, as we were scraping bottom

He thought he could make the jump...

Our shelter in anticipation of heavy rain

The kitchen

View from the "castle". This is one of our favourite sites on Sunbeam Lake

Ghostly view looking down Sunbeam.  After the first night, there wasn't another soul on the lake

One of a pair of young loons hanging out by our site

Making a way

The last day dawned sunny and cold.

Fall colours were starting to get good.

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