Saturday, 25 January 2014

Spotted Towhee Hunt

Ken Burrell and I braved the snow this morning to go look for the Spotted Towhee in Glen Morris.  We arrived just before 10am, around the time this rarity has been seen.

After a few seconds of creepily watching the house where it was last seen, Ken spied the bird on the front porch with his binoculars.

It took me a second to locate the bird since it would hop out from under a small conifer shrub to get seeds, and then hop back in.  I soon found it myself and got good looks at it.  A beautiful bird, and the first one I have seen in Ontario. This is a western species, that I saw many of when I was in New Mexico, but it seldom shows up as far east as Ontario.  Unfortunately I couldn't get any decent shots since the shrubbery around the porch was too dense and I draw the line at creeping through the undergrowth on someone elses property to see a bird.

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