Wednesday, 25 May 2016

More May Migrants

May is my favourite month of the year.  Spring has sprung in earnest, and birds are everywhere!  The past couple of weeks the rare bird reports have slowed down, since it is a lot harder to find songbirds among the thickening foliage.  Here are a few of the birds I was able to capture on film the past little while.

Blue-winged Warbler - Cambridge
Blue-winged Warbler
Finally saw some Whimbrel today a Waverly Beach!

Great-crested Flycatcher
Scarlet Tanager
On Saturday I will be doing the "Bruce Big Day".  My friends at NRSI and I will try to see how many species of birds we can see/hear in 24hrs on the Bruce Peninsula!  A tiring, but satisfying day.  Last year, I recall that I saw 143 species!

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