Sunday, 3 May 2015

Pelee Birding 2015!

Next week I will be heading down once again to the Pelee area for some serious, all day, every day birding!  The plan is to go down on Wednesday morning and bird Point Pelee National Park until Friday morning and then take the ferry from Leamington to Pelee Island and continue birding Friday, Saturday and come back Sunday morning!  I'm getting really excited, especially with the reports of birds such as Kentucky Warbler showing up!

This weekend I took things easy around Fergus, spent some time with my lovely wife and walked around the Arboretum in Guelph looking at the spring wildflowers which are starting to come out finally.  Still a lot that are just not quite ready to bloom just yet, but we did see some really nice ones!

Blue Cohosh
Trout Lily
Violet Sp.

I will post some of my bird shots when I return from Pelee on Sunday.  In the meantime if you want to see some real great wildflower shots, check out Pat's trip to the Smoky Mountains here

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