Sunday, 16 November 2014

Niagara River

I was down in the Niagara area this weekend but only had a couple of hours to bird the river.  This morning I started in Fort Erie and worked my way towards the falls, stopping occasionally to see what was on the water.

I didn't see anything unusual unfortunately but did get to see this distant pair of adult Peregrine Falcons perched on the rail bridge.

The far bird was eating some unfortunate bird, but I couldn't tell what.
A saw a few other raptors as well including an over eager Cooper's Hawk that repeatedly flew out over the river to try to catch the Bonaparte's Gulls flitting above the water.  Needless to say, the hawk was unsuccessful since it had neither the element of surprise or the speed to catch these nimble gulls!

Further along the river I spotted the same domestic goose as I saw back in December, I think he's going to make a go of it on the river for the winter!

Remember this face?  If anyone is missing a white farm goose near Fort Erie, it may be on the river!
Towards the falls I had a juvenile Bald Eagle floating lazily over the river, heading north, but no gulls of interest.  Gull numbers along the river still haven't built up yet, although there was a fair bit near the falls.  Next time I will have more time and I'm sure I will turn up something good!

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