Saturday, 5 April 2014

Swallows are back!

I stopped by several spots in Guelph that I like to check for birds in the spring, and was rewarded with very little.  The cold temperatures and northern winds seem to be holding back a lot of migrants south of the border.  However, I did manage to see my first tree swallows of the year at Riverside Park as well as a horned grebe coming into breeding plumage.  The tree swallows in particular were a nice sight for winter weary eyes, although I'm not sure how they are finding enough insects to eat in the weather today which was just above zero with frigid wind chills.  I snapped a few crappy record shots. Check it out:

Tree swallows on the far side of the river

Check out those horns on the horned grebe!

A beautiful bird once it gets into breeding plumage

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