Monday, 10 February 2014

Bronte Harbour Revisited

Today Andrew and I were at a job site in Oakville and had a few minutes to check out the nearby Bronte Harbour.  As I mentioned before, this is a great spot to see all sorts of waterfowl species, and today was no exception.

We saw a wide variety of species including Greater Scaup, goldeneye, long-tailed duck, redhead, bufflehead, white-winged scotor and red-breasted merganser.

I love redheads! Don't be jealous Caitlyn ;)
Assorted raft of Greater Scaup, redheads and others
Not many ducks look as nice as a male Long-tailed Duck
I also saw my favourite gull: Glaucous Gull! They are really big as you can see in this picture.  This bird is a 1st winter individual.

Big, pale guy standing in the center.

Unfortunately this time we didn't see any Snowy Owls or any Mink.  But so far Bronte Harbour has always delivered something of interest!

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