Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Grand River Surprises

I was out at a site along the Grand River today for work and had some interesting sightings!  As I was by the edge of the river I heard a commotion among the waterfowl and saw this Coyote jump right into the water and begin to wade across!  I quickly snapped a few photos with my camera that I had thankfully brought with me.

Coyote - fording the Grand River
He quickly popped out on the bank at the other side and disappeared into the undergrowth without so much as a shake.

That's one wet puppy!
I scrambled up the bank myself to see if I could spy them cross the adjacent field and quickly realized that there were two Coyotes!

They eventually noticed that they were being watched from afar and made a dash for it across the field.

Another great and unexpected sighting!  Coyotes are one of my favourite examples of urban/rural wildlife that continue to thrive despite human encroachment into their habitats.  Despite massive eradication programs back in the day, this species has increased in abundance and refuses to stay down!

I had a couple of other good observations too:

Trumpeter Swans

Bald Eagle pair
First of the Year - Northern Pintail
Tomorrow I'm off to Belle River.  Here's hoping I see something else interesting, I will have my camera at the ready!

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