Monday, 16 June 2014

Summertime Trip Planning!

June and July are the busiest months for avian biologists, and so, any trip plans that I have for the summer must wait until the end of July or August.  This year I have a few trips in mind including the annual wilderness backpacking trip that I take each year with my friends, father-son-brother Algonquin canoe trip, wedding anniversary trip and I would also like to take Caitlyn to Algonquin since she has never had a backcountry experience before!

This will be the 3rd annual backpacking trip that I will be taking with Kyle, Jensen and mountain Mike.  In 2012 we did New Mexico's Gila Wilderness, 2013 we did Colorado's Lost Creek Wilderness and in August 2014 we will go...where?  At first we were planning on doing Washington's North Cascades out in the Rocky Mountains, but we decided against it due to the high cost of flight.  Hence we have decided to do another epic roadtrip and meet Kyle (who lives in Victoria) halfway.  We have settled on doing something in Wyoming, which still leaves us plenty of options.  Right now I am thinking of either the Grand Tetons National Park which sits adjacent to Yellowstone, or the Fitzpatrick Wilderness area.  I am leaning towards Fitzpatrick which is a wild stretch of wilderness in the Wind River Mountain Range with spectacular rocky mountain vistas and little in the way of human traffic.  It is also home to Wyoming's highest moutain, Gannett Peak, at 13,804ft.  I still need to do a lot of research on trails etc. before we finalize the spot.

I haven't had much to post in the way of birding lately.  In June things slow down considerably once most of the migrants have passed through.  Right now I am stalled at 223 species in Ontario for the year, but there are still quite a few breeding birds that I could get, like Loggerhead Shrike!  Stay tuned and I will hopefully have some birding material for the blog in the coming days.

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